Acccelerated Solvent Extraction at Rubber Consultants
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Acccelerated Solvent Extraction at Rubber Consultants

The Dionex ASE 350 @ RCRC recently purchased a new Dionex ASE® 350 Accelerated Solvent Extracter to enable more efficient, effective testing for our clients.

Accelerated Solvent Extraction (ASE) is a technique for extracting organic compounds from solid and semisolid samples with liquid solvents. It uses liquid solvents at elevated temperatures and pressures to increase the efficiency of the extraction process. Increased temperature accelerates the extraction kinetics, and elevated pressure keeps the solvent below its boiling point, ensuring safe, rapid extractions.

This means RC has a more enhanced extraction capability, reducing extraction time from 18 hours previously to only 15 minutes using the ASE® 350 . The amount of solvent used for extraction has also been reduced from 100s of millilitres to only 10s of millilitres per extraction.

During a run, the cell is filled with solvent and then heated and pressurised to maintain the solvent in a liquid state. After the run, the extract is rinsed from the cell into a collection vessel (a bottle or vial).

This will also enhance RC’s pharmaceutical testing facilities enabling us to quickly evaluate the common plastics and rubbers used in today’s drug devices.

Accelerated Solvent Extraction is a fast, solvent efficient extraction system that will increase Rubber Consultants’ throughput and productivity.

The Dionex ASE 350 @ RC

If you wish to have a sample tested at RC please contact Dr Mark Perkins at

For more information on the Dionex ASE® 350 Accelerated Solvent Extractor please visit the official website

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