Rubber Consultants install automated mixer - CBI 55 Intermix

Rubber Consultants have installed a new automated mixer, a CBI – 55 Intermix, a 55 litre machine can provide mixed batch weights of around 45kg – almost 50% more than we could handle previously. The mixer has a hydraulic ram with variable ram pressure and positional control, variable rotor speed 0 to 50rpm, 3 zone closed loop tempered cooling water, automated injection of carbon black and process oil, computer control of weighing and mixing operations, and batch traceability.

The mixer is now fully operational for use in consultancy projects. It significantly improves our capability for rubber compound development in general and is ideally suited for small-scale tyre trials.

CBI55 Mixer at Rubber Consultants

For more information please contact Colin Robinson at or call +44 (0)1992 554657.

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January 2016

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