Rubber Consultants has recently invested in new dynamic test equipment

Rubber Consultants has recently invested in new dynamic test equipment to enhance our capabilities in the characterisation of the physical properties of viscoelastic materials. Together these two pieces of equipment can test the required properties of elastomeric materials and components using advanced technology and high precision analytic techniques.

The Metravib DMA+1000, Dynamic Mechanical Analyser allows characterisation of materials in terms of their strain, frequency, temperature and time dependent properties.

The new DMA+1000 system has an increased frequency range (1e-5 to 1000Hz), a load capacity of +/-500N, a maximum dynamic displacement of +/-6mm, and a temperature range from -150 to 350°C. It can therefore measure shear modulus over a very wide strain amplitude range. The software allows it to run static tests in tension or compression and can be configured for stress relaxation and creep test studies. It can also perform characterisation of the material on repeated cycling and can be configured with a range of additional test fixtures, such as compression platens, tensile grips for films and fibres and shear cells for liquids and pastes.

This expands our capabilities and enables us to test a much wider range of materials than rubbers and other elastomers, e.g. thermoplastic and thermosetting polymers, composite materials and biomaterials.

The second piece of equipment, a Metravib DMA+2000, replaces two ageing Goodrich flexometers and has the capability to test to ISO 4666-3 standard, to determine the temperature rise and resistance to fatigue of vulcanized rubber materials.

Rubber Consultants new  Metravib DMA+1000 & DMA+2000 Dynamic Mechanical Analyser

In addition to monitoring the rubber temperature via the platen thermocouple, it can measure the internal temperature of the sample using a needle thermocouple.

It has a maximum frequency of 200Hz, a load capacity of +/-1000N and a maximum dynamic displacement of +/-6mm can be programmed for compression fatigue testing under a wide range of conditions.

The software provides the capability to control the wave profile that is applied to the test piece. In addition to the standard sine wave, the pulse waveform is of particular interest as it can be programmed to simulate the loading profile of a rolling tyre. This should prove very useful in testing of rubber compounds intended for use in tyre applications.

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March 2016

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