Rubber Consultants becomes Corporate Member of the Rubber Division, ACS

RC and TARRC have a close, long standing relationship with the Rubber Division, ACS in the US and RC has now furthered that affiliation by becoming a corporate member.

Scientists from TARRC/RC have been presenting papers at the Technical Meetings & Educational Symposiums for many years. Our scientists have also won some of the Rubber Division's most prestigious awards:

Alan Muhr - Melvin Mooney Award 2015
John Dunn - Melvin Mooney Award 1993

Alan Roberts - Charles Goodyear Medal 2014
Karl-Alfred Grosch - Charles Goodyear Medal 2007
Graham Lake - Charles Goodyear Medal 2003
Alan Thomas - Charles Goodyear Medal 1994
Ronald Rivlin - Charles Goodyear Medal 1992
Alan Gent - Charles Goodyear Medal 1990
Leonard Mullins - Charles Goodyear Medal 1986
Adolf Schallamach - Charles Goodyear Medal 1982

Alan Gent - George Stafford Whitby Award 1987

Ronald Rivlin - International Rubber Science Hall of Fame 2008
Leonard Mullins - International Rubber Science Hall of Fame 2001
Adolf Schallamach - International Rubber Science Hall of Fame 1998
L.R.G. Treloar - International Rubber Science Hall of Fame 1987
Graham Moore - International Rubber Science Hall of Fame 1980
Ernest Harold Farmer
- International Rubber Science Hall of Fame 1969

William Watson - Fernley H. Banbury Award 2002

Crispin Baker - Best Symposium 1993
Alan Roberts - Best Paper 1992
Crispin Baker - Best Paper 1989
Andrew Tinker/John Loadman
- Honorable Mention for Original Contribution 1988

Crispin Baker/Ian Gelling/Roland Newell - Honorable Mention 1984
Douglas Barnard - Honorable Mention 1978
Crispin Baker/Douglas Barnard/Maurice Porter - Best Paper 1969

Rubber Consultants has also been exhibiting its services at the Rubber Expo since 2012 and has recently confirmed its participation in Cleveland later in the year at the International Rubber & Advanced Materials in Healthcare Expo 2015.

TARRC and RC look forward to collaborating successfully with the Rubber Division in years to come in further enhancing science, technology and business across the evolving elastomeric community.

“We are so excited to welcome such a strong supporter of our organization as a Corporate Member,” said Heather Maimone, Rubber Division, ACS membership manager. “Rubber Division, ACS looks forward to providing Rubber Consultants and TARRC a new level of benefits by engaging with us through this membership.”

Visit to learn more about Rubber Division, ACS individual and corporate memberships.

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January 2015

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