RC @ Tire Technology Expo 2015

RC exhibited at Tire Technology Expo for the eighth consecutive year, in Cologne, Germany from 10th-12th February 2015. Services from Rubber Consultants were promoted on stand 6100, including the comprehensive tyre testing facilities and analytical PAH testing for tyre materials according to ISO 21461 (UKAS accredited).

RC has full capability for retreading as well as everything you need to thoroughly analyse your tyres to comply with legislation.

Rubber Consultants @ Tire Technology Expo 2015

The Expo was a great opportunity to promote the new 2-station rig for passenger tyres with a force and moment hub, due to be commissioned in late Spring 2015.

For more information please contact Paul Brown, Head of Rubber Consultants’ tyre testing services, pbrown@tarrc.co.uk or call +44 (0)1992 584966 ext 2007.

Rubber Consultants @ Tire Technology Expo 2015

As part of the conference, which runs alongside the exhibition, RC/TARRC scientists gave presentations again this year:

Dr Pamela Martin, a senior materials scientist at TARRC specialising in tyre compounds, talked about the analytical technique that has been identified to examine tyre wear in service. The technique gives an insight into the wear mechanism of tyres and represents a major step forward in the understanding of wear mechanisms in tyre compounds. The aim is in the future to develop a more reliable predictive laboratory test for tyre wear than is currently possible.

‘Visualisation of tread wear’ was presented on Tuesday 10th February in Session Four - Tires, Testing and Property Research.

Dr Anna Kepas-Suwara, another of TARRC’s senior materials scientists, gave a paper on Thursday 12th February in Session One – Tire Materials, Understanding their Physical and Chemical Properties. Her paper was entitled ‘Loss tangent and stiffness mapping of NR/BR blends using AFM’ and described studies at TARRC using the AM-FM technique of atomic force microscopy, which combines amplitude modulation mode (AM) with quantitative frequency modulation mode (FM), providing the capability for quantitative nanomechanical mapping of each polymer phase in the unfilled and filled NR/BR blends along with the topography measurement.

Please take a look at the Conference Programme for more details.

TTE offers the visitor a technology showcase covering materials and equipment through the complete spectrum of the tyre design and manufacturing process. TTE also offers visitors, exhibitors, and conference delegates an unrivalled networking opportunity within the tyre design and manufacturing sector.

If you wish to attend or find out more information on TTE then take a look at the official exhibition and conference
website at www.tiretechnology-expo.com.

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19th February 2015

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