ACN Monomer / RAM Testing Now Available

Acrylonitrile (ACN) Monomer Testing or Residual Acrylonitrile Monomer (RAM) Testing Now Available

ACN Monomer / RAM Testing Now AvailableRubber Consultants has the capability to carry out Acrylonitrile (ACN) Monomer testing, otherwise referred to as Residual Acrylonitrile Monomer (RAM) testing, on nitrile rubbers (NBRs) or material that has been in contact with nitrile containing polymers.

ACN testing or RAM testing has been conducted at TARRC for over 10 years, initially in the form of ASTM D4322 - ‘Standard Test Method for Residual Acrylonitrile Monomer Styrene-Acrylonitrile Copolymers and Nitrile Rubber by Headspace Gas Chromatography’ which entails extraction in propylene Acrylonitrilecarbonate followed by headspace GCMS analysis.

The testing, still based on ASTM D4322, has been improved and extended to include detection of leachable ACN or leachable RAM in MDIs (metered dose inhalers). The method has been developed using a Headspace sampler coupled with a gas chromatograph with a Nitrogen-Phosphorus Detector (GC-NPD) giving rise to a limit of quantitation (LOQ) level of 10 parts-per-billion (ppb). A number of specific client methods have been developed and a generic method with options for either rubbers and liquids is now available.

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Friday 6th January 2006
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