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Rubber Consultants also offer a Bioinformatics Service
Bioinformatics addresses the challenges of analysing, storing and interpreting biological data with a range of computational and statistical techniques. This can involve analysing DNA and protein sequences, gene expression patterns, interaction and regulatory networks, protein structure prediction and a host of other applications.

Hardware resources at RC
Currently RC has a 55-core high-performance Linux computing cluster with 136GB RAM and 10TB dedicated storage and using Platform LSF software for job management. This can facilitate a wide range of computationally intensive applications including sequence assembly and annotation and gene expression analysis.

Bioinformatics at TARRC
TARRC’s main bioinformatics efforts are currently in sequencing, assembly and annotation of the rubber tree genome and in comparative studies of the rubber tree and related species.

Main areas of expertise
• De Novo sequence assembly from next generation platforms and Sanger sequencing
• Functional annotation of genomic sequence
• Gene and protein sequence analysis
• Data curation
• Searchable database creation and management

For further information please contact Dr Maria Kolesnikova-Allen.

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