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Rubber Consultants successfully carries out research contracts for clients from a wide industry base. Over 75 years of pioneering scientific work at TARRC on the chemistry, physics, properties and applications of rubbers and rubber-based materials, together with experience built up through leading a wide range of successful major UNIDO and EU research contracts, has resulted in an unrivalled expertise for running research projects related to all aspects of rubber science, technology and engineering.

Examples of areas of polymer science and technology in which major research projects have been led and significant advances made include:

Relating the performance and properties of rubber products and rubber composites to their chemical microstructure and the chemistry of their production. For more information click here.

Development, evaluation and application of new materials in rubber compounds, including new cure systems, improved reinforcement by fillers, new rubber additives, modified elastomers and thermoplastic elastomers. The wide range of rubber processing facilities available can handle compounds varying in size from 5 g (for testing tiny amounts of a new rubber chemical) up to 40 kg (for larger-scale trials in applications such as truck tyres). For more information click here.

Recycling of rubber products by both physical and chemical means. For more information click here.

Rubber Consultants also carries out research contracts for Engineering projects. To view a pdf list of these click here.

For further information please contact Dr Andy Chapman.

Other services offered by Rubber Consultants are:

Analytical Services
Pharmaceutical Testing
Biotechnology Services

Rubber in Engineering
Prototype Design & Manufacturing
Rubber Technology
Physical Testing
Tyre Testing
Expert Witnesses

If you require any of our services do not hesitate to contact us.

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