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Rubber Consultants has expertise in rubber engineering components ranging from small automotive mounts and bushes through anti-seismic devices to large marine fenders. Rubber Consultants' engineers are not only experts in the principles of design of elastomeric engineering components, but also in general engineering functions such as shock, noise and vibration control. Main areas covered include:

Expert advice
Drawing on nearly 75 years of experience in research and application of elastomers, embodied in a set of over 1600 technical publications experts are available for consultation on most aspects of the use of rubbers for engineering applications. Although our speciality is in rubber, we have a good working knowledge of materials engineering and of applications in structural, civil, and mechanical branches of engineering.

Rubber Consultants have MSC.MARC and ABAQUS, and a wide experience of applying these non-linear Finite Element Packages to stress analysis, fatigue life prediction, load-deformation behaviour and dynamic applications in vibration control.

Research Projects
Rubber Consultants engineering staff have led and worked on many large research projects involving engineering applications of rubber and elastomers and published many technical papers. Topics include seismic isolation, shock and vibration isolation, constitutive models for rubber, friction of rubber, fatigue and lifetime prediction, marine fenders, and bridge bearings.

The main thrust of the engineering research programme is to develop the design principles for rubber engineering components. This is as much to define characteristics needed to meet the engineering function, as to design elastomeric components that meet these characteristics. In addition, we have expertise in design of test jigs, tooling for rubber components and connection fixtures for rubber components within engineering structures. All this experience is available for specific design problems.

Test facilities
We have a comprehensive set of mechanical test equipment for engineering components, suitable for both component tests (up to 2500kN dynamic) and material characterisation tests, including environmental chambers and an ozone room. Specialist material test facilities cover thermal conductivity, friction testing over a wide range of normal stresses, crack-growth characteristics and fatigue flaw size estimation. Advice can be provided on choice of test, for example for characterising the stress-strain behaviour of materials for simulation in Finite Element Analysis.

Supply of rubber components
Design and supply can be arranged of elastomeric engineering components, from earthquake isolation bearings to minature vibration isolators. Manufacture of smaller components and prototypes is possible in-house; for larger-scale production, appropriate manufacturers can be sourced.

Rubber Consultants engineering expertise covers all aspects from:

Assessing elastomer property requirements
Rubber bonding
Product design and performance verification using SolidWorks and Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
Manufacturability assessment using Moldflow
Mold design and prototype testing
Manufacturing technology
Product specifications and standards
Performance testing and to failure analysis

For further information please contact Dr Alan Muhr in Engineering Design.

Other services offered by Rubber Consultants are:

Analytical Services
Pharmaceutical Testing
Biotechnology Services

Prototype Design & Manufacturing
Rubber Technology
Contract Research
Physical Testing
Tyre Testing
Expert Witnesses

If you require any of our services do not hesitate to contact us.

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