Formulation and Decomposition Analysis

Formulation and Decomposition Analysis

The Thermogravimetric Analyzer Pyris 1 TGARC offer formulation and decomposition analysis using Coupled Thermogravimetric Analysis with Infrared Spectroscopy (TG-IR). This type of analysis measures the weight of a sample through a defined heating program. The weight loss of a sample on heating in either nitrogen or oxygen can be used to study the loss of volatile components associated with formulated compounds and decomposition. The coupling of the instrument to a Fourier Transform Infra-red Spectrometer (FTIR) enables evolved gases from volatile components and decomposition products to be identified by their characteristic Infrared (IR) spectra.

In the past three years the TG-IR in the Materials Characterisation Unit has been used in the formulation analysis of some complex polymer blends to evaluate the types and amounts of the individual constituents. It has been used as a complementary analytical tool with other techniques. Recent studies using the TG-IR have also included a test for low levels of Natural Rubber in a Nitrile glove and the relative levels of NR and SBR in cured compounds.

As well as this type of composition analysis the TG-IR has other applications in the study of the decomposition of polymers and blends with different inorganic fillers, nanocomposites and flame-retardants.

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