RC improve their analytical testing with new Agilent 5973

RC improve their analytical testing with new Agilent 5973

New Agilent 5973Rubber Consultants has recently improved their analytical testing capability with the replacement of their Agilent 5971 GC-MS with a new Agilent 5973 inert source GC-MS. This offers greater sensitivity and the improved inertness of the detector enables the analysis of more reactive compounds to be carried out.

Rubber Consultants can offer both qualitative and quantitative testing on rubber and polymer materials and extracts, identifying anti-degradants, plasticisers, cure residues, processing aids and oils. Coupled with other analytical techniques available in our laboratories, a complete formulation analysis can be carried out. Dr Perkins using the new Agilent 5973Volatile and out-gassed components from formulation compounds and decomposition products can also be identified via headspace vapour analysis. We also offer method development and method validation for specific compounds and materials if required.

If you would like any testing done using the new Agilent 5973 GC-MS contact the Materials Characterisation Unit.

If you require any of our other testing services or would like some more information do not hesitate to contact us.


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Friday 13th October 2006
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