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Rubber Consultants offers a comprehensive range of rubber testing facilities. It can test to most International, European and National Standards or perform testing to a manufacturer’s specific requirements. Rubber Consultants performs these tests on rubber components themselves, sample pieces prepared from the rubber components as well as using the appropriate moulded standard rubber test piece.

To view a pdf table of all the standards to which we test click here.

Where no standard or specification test exists, Rubber Consultants can use its expertise in the field of rubber testing to help you develop the most appropriate test for your rubber component.

Rubber Consultants is equipped with several extensometers for determining the tensile properties of rubber. Control systems can be programmed to perform complex cycles, allowing changes in rubber properties during the first few cycles of deformation to be observed in both tension and compression.

Several dynamic mechanical analysis testers permit the study of rubber dynamic properties over a wide range of temperatures and frequencies. Rubber Consultants is particularly well equipped for dynamic testing of rubber materials and components with loads from less than 20N up to 2500kN, frequencies up to 5kHz and temperatures in the range -80°C to 250°C.

Multi-axial testing of automotive components can be conducted on a T-slot bed facility and bi-axial testing of structural components such as bridge bearings and vibration isolation mounts can be performed with vertical loads up to 2500kN and horizontal loads up to 400kN.

Resilience of rubber can be measured by using both Dunlop and Lübke pendulum test methods.

The service lifetime of a product is an essential thing to know. Rubber Consultants has extensive equipment for studying this: an Ozone chamber, a filtered Xenon bulb daylight ageing chamber, salt spray bath, and fan and vacuum ovens can be used to study accelerated ageing.

Latex products are well catered for at Rubber Consultants. We have a large-frame extensometer to pull latex samples to their maximum extensions, condom test machines, both inflation tester and electrical leak tester, to test to ISO 4074, and equipment to test latex gloves to EN 455.

To view a pdf table of all the standards to which we test click here.

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