REACH Directive EC/1907/2006 Annex XVII – Individual PAHs

GCMS methods are available to analyse for individual Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs), as defined in Annex XVII of Directive EC/1907/2006 REACH.

For tyres the limits are as follows:

<1mg/kg Benzo(a)pyrene

<10mg/kg in total of all the following PAHs









In a product Rubber Consultants can also test for PAHs or PNAs which may originate from carbon black via their oil feedstock, or from aromatic oil extenders. This test can vary from a simple ‘quick look’ for pyrenes (expected from black) to a full scale fully quantitative analysis of PAHs or PNAs.

Rubbers can also be analysed to the German 2008 ZEK specification: no more than 1 mg/kg benzo(a)pyrene in the latex material and that the sum of all 18 PAHs is less than 10 mg/kg.

1.   acenaphthene                   CAS-No.    83-32-9

2.   acenaphthylene                     CAS-No.  208-96-8

3.   anthracene                           CAS-No.  120-12-7

4.   benzo(a)pyrene                       CAS-No.    50-32-8

5.   benzo(e)pyrene                       CAS-No.  192-97-2

6.   benzo(a)anthracene                   CAS-No.    56-55-3

7.   benzo(a)phenanthrene  (chrysene)     CAS-No.  218-01-9

8.   benzo(b)fluoranthene                       CAS-No.  205-99-2

9.   benzo(j)fluoranthene                       CAS-No.  205-82-3

10. benzo(k)fluoranthene                        CAS-No.  207-08-9

11. benzo(ghi)perylene                    CAS-No.  191-24-2

12. dibenz(a,h)anthracene                CAS-No.    53-70-3

13. fluoranthene                          CAS-No.  206-44-0

14. fluorene                              CAS-No.    86-73-7

15. indeno(1,2,3-cd)pyrene                CAS-No.  193-39-5

16. naphthalene                            CAS-No.    91-20-3

17. phenanthrene                    CAS-No.    85-01-8

18. pyrene                          CAS-No.  129-00-0

We also offer analysis for the EPA method 610 suite of 16 PAHs (as above but without benzo(e)pyrene and benzo(j)fluoranthene).

A minimum of 10g of sample is requested for each test.

For further information please contact us.

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