RC solves problem for movie production company

RC solves problem for movie production company

RC was approached by a production company to solve a problem they were having filming some scenes in a new movie they were making. The problem in question was to do with rubber treads on steel wheels (used on a heavy old-fashioned gyspy-type wagon) and they needed RC to provide something in the way of suspension and to prevent the cart from shaking itself to bits on rough stoney ground.

RC were given 5 days to complete the project but fulfilled it in 4½ days. Feedback from the production company said "the rubber-treaded wheels achieved exactly what we wanted and the rubber formulation you used stood up well to the rigours of Isle of Skye".

The movie was 'Stardust', starring Michelle Pfeiffer, Claire Danes, Robert DeNiro and Ricky Gervais amongst many other fine actors and actresses. The movie was produced/directed by Matthew Vaughn and is available on DVD from Monday 25th February. www.stardust.com

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