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Rubber Consultants has the capability to develop formulations and processes for tyre retreading, injection moulding, extrusion, calendering and compression moulding and assessment of rubber flow using the equipment in a modern mill-room.

Extensive facilities include:

A range of mixers and mills
An injection moulding machine
A twin barrel capillary rheometer
An Autoclave
Cabinets for environmental testing, such as exposure to salt spray

Separate areas are available for mixing black and coloured compounds and for processing thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs), including a plastic injection moulding machine, extruders capable of co-extrusion and mixing in a 24mm twin-screw extruder.

Rubber Consultants technologists have expertise in a wide range of polymers from NR to some of the speciality elastomers.

Rubber Consultants can develop formulations to meet international standards or customers needs and carry out small-scale specialised customer compounding.

For further information please contact Dr Marina Fernando.

Other services offered by Rubber Consultants are:

Analytical Services
Pharmaceutical Testing
Biotechnology Services

Rubber in Engineering
Prototype Design & Manufacturing
Contract Research
Physical Testing
Tyre Testing
Expert Witnesses

If you require any of our services do not hesitate to contact us.

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