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Rubber Consultants has some of the most comprehensive independent tyre testing facilities in the world.

These laboratory-based tyre testing drums are UKAS accredited for testing to the tyre type approval ECE Regulations 30, 54, 108 and 109 and to the BS AU 144 Standard for retreaded tyres (Laboratory 1677). The tyre testing laboratory is also approved by the Vehicle Certification Agency for type approval testing of passenger and commercial vehicle tyres.

Tyre test facilities include three test drums, all complying to the ASTM Standard F551:

A 2-station truck rig with 60 mph speed and 6.5 tonne load capacity
A single station truck tyre test rig with 60mph maximum speed and a5 tonnes load capacity. This rig has a torque measuring device and can thus be used to measure a tyre’s rolling resistance to ISO 18164 (2005); the test used to determine the tyre efficiency class required by EU tyre labelling laws and ECE regulation 117. This rig can also be equipped with a high torque drive system suitable for testing highly loaded small diameter tyres up to a maximum speed of 25mph.
Also available are road trailers for conducting accelerated wear testing of both passenger and truck tyres and determination of ice, wet and dry tyre traction properties. Rubber Consultants has tyre wear testing technical officers with many years experience in tyre wear testing.

Commercial vehicle tyres are retreaded with the test and control compounds using conventional or pre-cured technologies. The test tyres are built either as single compound or as multi-sectional tyres and fitted to truck fleets giving a range of severity of service use.

Compounds for passenger vehicle tyres are retreaded onto new casings before tyre wear fleet trials using a combination of staff vehicles and local taxi fleets. Rubber Consultants can also offer analysis of tyre construction and tyre component formulations.

Due in late Spring 2015, a new passanger tyre test rig, top speed 320Kph and a force and moment hub for passanger tyres will be installed.

For further information please contact Paul Brown or Hanna Peltonen.

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