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Welcome to the new Rubber Consultants website

New Rubber Consultants websiteThis is Rubber Consultants' new website and is your contact point for solving any rubber testing and polymer testing problems you may have. Visit us for latest news about Rubber Consultants' services, equipment, events, exhibitions and more.

Rubber Consultants can supply your rubber testing and polymer testing services and now has the expertise and equipment to expand its pharmaceutical testing. One of the many services Rubber Consultants can offer is a broad selection of analytical testing – rubber testing, including synthetic polymer testing - all carried out in-house. Elastomer testing is our main area of expertise, but chemical analysis has been expanded to encompass many materials in contact with natural rubber and synthetic polymers. Our Quality Management System supports a range of pharmaceutical testing for leachables and extractables in medical devices for pharmaceutical clients and their rubber component and plastic component suppliers.

Rubber Consultants has some of the most comprehensive tyre testing facilities in the world including three testing rigs for truck and passenger tyres and staff experienced in tyre retreading and tyre analysis. Rubber Consultants has an extensive Engineering Design section aimed at solving your rubber engineering component problems within engineering structures. All this experience is available for specific design problems. As well as a comprehensive set of mechanical test equipment for engineering components Rubber Consultants can provide Finite Element Analysis (FEA) for fatigue life prediction, stress analysis, load-deformation behaviour and dynamic applications in vibration control.

Other services provided by Rubber Consultants include physical testing; such as elastomeric testing for materials and components. Other physical testing includes condom testing and glove testing. Rubber Consultants can also provide Prototype design and manufacturing and Contract research for clients from a wide range of industries.

All these services and more are listed below and are available at Rubber Consultants.

Analytical Services
Pharmaceutical Testing
Rubber in Engineering
Prototype Design & Manufacturing
Moldflow Simulation
Contract Research
Physical Testing
Tyre Testing
Expert Witnesses

If you require any of our testing services or would like some more information do not hesitate to contact us.


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